What is Child's Play Party!?

Child's Play Party! is Child's Play Communications' proprietary in-home event marketing program. This unique program brings companies and brands together with moms and kids. Each Child's Play Party! host receives a FREE event package including everything you'll need, from A-Z, to execute an amazing event! This includes: product samples, giveaways, event instructions including suggestions for décor and refreshments, and a host feedback form. If you are selected as a host for a specific Child's Play Party! event, our Facebook page, will serve as a virtual bulletin board for your photos, videos and written feedback.

What is Child's Play Communications?

Child's Play Communications specializes in connecting companies with moms, through social media, traditional media, and word of mouth. We've been in business for 20+ years and have served clients including Warner Bros., Hasbro, Elmer's, Cuisinart, Parents magazine, The Goddard School, Cold Stone Creamery, Nickelodeon and more. Our blogger programs are well known, especially our Team Mom™ network and our Bloggers Brunch and Dinner's On Us events, which bring together sponsors and leading mom bloggers.

How do I become a Child's Play Party! host?

In order to ensure a perfect fit between the Child's Play Party! products and the host, we ask you to please fill out a Child's Play Party! application form. Once your application has been received, we will send you a confirmation email. This first email means that your information has been received and filed for consideration for upcoming events. We will then select hosts for individual events who best fit the sponsor's criteria Each individual who is selected to be a host for a specific event will get a separate host notification email.

I didn't get selected for a Child's Play Party! event this time. Can I be considered in the future?

Yes! Just because you didn't get selected for a particular event doesn't necessarily mean you won't be chosen in the future. Each Child's Play Party! event is unique and there may be any number of reasons why this time didn't work out, including the volume of applications received, lack of a match regarding children's ages, region, etc.

If I received a confirmation email, does that mean I will be a Child's Play Party! host?

Not necessarily. Every individual who submits an application will get a confirmation email. Only those hosts who have been assigned a specific event will receive a host notification email, which will provide access to information about that event.

Is there a set time frame when Child's Play Party! events must be scheduled?

Yes. Each event must be staged during a specified two-week time frame; within that period, you can choose a particular day that works best for you. The dates will be outlined in the host notification email. If for some reason you cannot host an event for which you have been confirmed, please let us know asap so we can stop the party kit shipment and offer the opportunity to another host. You may host your Child's Play Party! at any time of day during the designated time frame. If sickness or a family emergency prevents you from executing the event within the designated timetable, don't fret! Contact us so we can determine if there is a mutually beneficial time to reschedule.

Can my Child's Play Party! event be staged at another location aside from my home?

Sure. We are flexible regarding the event location; it can take place in your own home or another convenient location. Where appropriate, tap into your own local resources, use your creativity...and take plenty of photos and video to document the results!

Is the Child's Play Party! event for ten guests only or can I invite more?

The number of guests for Child's Play Party! events is pre-set and cannot be changed. We need to keep the number of guests to ten in order to provide a consistent amount of supplies to each host across the board. However, if there is a situation where you have more guests coming than gift bags or giveaways, we suggest the following solutions:

  • Raffle off gift bags or individual items
  • Use gift bags or individual items as prizes for games or activities
  • Eliminate gift bags and create one big grab bag for each guest to take from
  • See if a local vendor will provide a small gift card

Is there compensation for hosting a Child's Play Party!?

As compensation for being a host, you will receive a host party kit complete with product samples, décor and refreshment ideas. In addition, in some cases, you will receive a [small] stipend once photos of the Child's Play Party! event have been sent to photos@childsplayparty.com and all host and guest evaluation reports have been received. Once the payment criteria for your particular party have been met, allow 30-60 days after the event for a stipend to be sent in the form of a check from Child's Play Communications.